Meeting the Needs of the Community: Feeding the Hungry

Although the teachers and students at Nasaruni Academy have gone home to their villages, Nasaruni Academy is far from empty. Instead, Moses and Alice (directors) have taken this opportunity to turn it into a source of blessing for the entire community.  Nasaruni Academy has become a vital food distribution site in the dire times when the threat of starvation greatly outweighs the threat of the corona virus.  Moses reports that the people are overwhelmed with joy when they are given 10 – 14 days’ worth of food. No other comparable sources of aid are available in the area. The generosity of people like you are making it possible!

Preparing Food Bags to Distribute to over 70 families in need (May 2020)
Gathering supplies to distribute to families in need
Nasaruni turns into a food distribution site (May 2020)

If you would like to support our efforts, donations can be made in the donation tab on our website, or by sending a check to Nasaruni Academy, mailed to:  Nasaruni Academy/Horizons Learning Foundation, 314 Cornerstone Lane, Harrisonburg, VA 22802. The money will be used to purchase food in bulk and transport it to this community where it will be distributed by the staff at Nasaruni Academy to the neediest families of the girls and the local community. 

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