Michelle Crude’s Trip to Kenya


Michelle Crude’s Trip to Kenya

2013 at

Recently I, Michelle Crude, was able to visit our school in Narok and witness firsthand the dream come true! God is truly faithful! What an honor to see how we have grown from 13 students in January 2013 to now 40 Maasai girls in grades K – 3! The sacrifices of Alice and her husband, Bishop Moses, as well as the Kenyan Board members, have ensured that these girls are educated, well fed and cared for. Generous donations from the states have helped to build 2 of the 3 classrooms, provide a water tank and other facilities.

On the property there is also a temporary kitchen, housing for the guard and principal, and place for a future garden and a cow providing milk for tea. Four very dedicated, trained teachers (& one administrator) are essentially volunteering full-time to teach the girls. One of the Board’s priorities as soon as more funds come in is to begin paying the teachers so that we can retain and honor their commitments.

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