The Academy has big plans for permanent buildings, including a boarding facility so more girls, even those living several hours away, will be able to gain an education and change their lives.While there is a new dormitory built now, there is continuing need for a dining hall and expanded kitchen to meet the growing needs. Additionally, the school needs permanent classrooms, since the current ones are overcrowded. A community education program may include a garden space, raising chickens, and, of course, a playing field for athletics and exercise.

Solar System: $15,000

Currently there is no access to electricity, so the school will be run by more sustainable means: solar energy. The system is needed in order to power the pump to get water from the well recently drilled.

Help Build A Solar System


New Classroom: $8,400

Currently, the Academy has three temporary classrooms. In January, when each school year begins, the oldest class advances, and suddenly there is no place for them to go. Younger students come in to the first grade and the older ones are forced to crowd into shared rooms with only one chalkboard. In order to pass government inspections, and meet the needs of the growing student body, the next level of students need their own classroom.

Help Build A Classroom



Dining Hall: $2,500

The walls are already built. Completing the dining hall roof, cement floor, doors and windows. Without this completion of the roof at least, we cannot install the solar panels to energize the pump to get water. Hence, the roof of the dining hall is of vital importance.

Help Build A Dining Hall



School Supplies: $400

Classrooms are empty when built. Teachers need cupboards to store the books and supplies, a chalkboard, colorful posters to decorate the learning environment, curriculum materials, and stationery supplies. These include purchasing the books, building simple desks for the students, one for the teacher, and a small cupboard and bookcase to keep supplies. This is an on-going need, especially as new classes are added each year and more curriculum materials are needed.

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Sewing Machines & Supplies: $250

This is a prime example of how Nasaruni Academy can make a real difference in the local community. Students at Nasaruni Academy wear uniforms as is common in Kenya. Rather than asking students to buy their uniforms, the Academy would like to have sewing machines and material so that mothers can come and make the uniforms. There are already women in the community who are interested in this as a business opportunity. They plan to take in mending projects from the community and make enough money to help pay the tuition for their daughters. Thereby, local women are empowered to provide the education for their daughters and also improve the living standard for their families.

Help Provide Sewing Supplies


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