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Share a Meal with the Hungry in Kenya

Nasaruni Education Foundation exists to bring education and wellbeing to girls in Kenya, but families and young children without food cannot learn. Girls at our boarding school are fed well, but even we are struggling to pay the inflated, rising cost of food lately. Though they have full stomachs of their own, our girls are often sad and troubled by the lack of food in their families at home. We have begun moving out to the villages of the families where our students come from. Unfortunately, the Kenyan government feeding programs frequently don’t extend out to these remote villages.
Donate here at the GoFundMe page with our current focus on Food Distribution for March-April 2023:
Go Fund Me – Share a Meal with the Hungry in Kenya

Here are some photos of the first round of feeding in early March, 2023.



These are the children Nasaruni would like to help who haven’t even had the opportunity to come to school. Please give generously to this campaign so that we can help more like her. Know that 100% of your gifts go directly into these hungry hands.


Go Fund Me – Share a Meal with the Hungry in Kenya




Nasaruni Community Clinic  is COMING SOON!!!

Nasaruni Education Foundation is building a clinic to serve the girls at Nasaruni as well all our neighbors.
A clinic is desperately needed in the area since transportation 8 km’s to the hospital is an economic hardship and an impossibility for many. Our clinic will be staffed with a doctor and nurse to meet the needs of students at both the primary and secondary school. Weekly we have to find transport and pay costs to take several girls to the clinic in Narok. This requires a teacher to sometimes miss classes to accompany them. Parents are unable to pay for these medical visits due to the drought and severe economic conditions.

This clinic would also aid in educating the community and parents of the students, as well as the students themselves, in good health, hygiene and disease prevention. We will be able to distribute mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria so important especially for young children. Our clinic will host visiting doctors and nursing students who will assist in large community-wide free health clinics as well as optical and dental services. We are hopeful to also staff the clinic with a counselor to assist with the tremendous unmet need for mental health care in the area.


Thanks to very generous Friends of Nasaruni, we have already $50,000 raised from the $67,000 needed to buy land, build the structures, and begin to outfit them with the necessary supplies.





Update on Nasaruni High School


Nasaruni High School now has three classes (essentially freshmen through juniors). Each has at least 50 girls. Thanks to the generous donors who sponsored the Administration Block and the Library and Sciences classrooms, we are a fully functioning high school. While we still lack enough textbooks and will soon run short of beds and desks, overall the school has the basic structures in place.

The next step will be to complete the set up of the Home Sciences classroom according to the government requirements such as sewing machines and cookery equipment, part of which has already been paid for by the end of 2022 fundraiser.




Introducing the First Junior Secondary Class at Nasaruni


Surprise–we’ve just added a Junior Secondary (essentially a middle school for grades 7-9). Following the government’s mandate to add a middle school, we have flexed our current structures to create a middle school alongside the primary school. Here is our first class of the Nasaruni Junior Secondary.


What’s New….


Nasaruni Secondary High School Receives Official Government Registration Designation.



December 2022 : Girls’ Empowerment Summit during School Holiday




One woman’s vision and passion has led to this remarkable undertaking. She is Alice Sayo and she is truly a hero to her people in all respects. Born into a large Maasai family, Alice was the 11th of 12 children. After her father died, she appeared destined for an early marriage, but the efforts of her mother and an older brother enabled her to go to school and follow a different path. She graduated from high school in Kenya and from University in England. Her dream, ever since the miraculous change in her own life, has been to allow other Maasai girls the same opportunity. She has worked tirelessly to gain support for the cause of the girlchild in Narok, Kenya, as a school principal, community outreach educator, and as sponsor for several poor Maasai girls attending secondary school.

In 2011, Alice was chosen as a participant in the International Leaders in Education program, a teacher exchange program sponsored by IREX and the US State Dept. While attending the College of Education at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, VA, Alice shared her dream with faculty, students, and community members. Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls is the result of her vision to provide primary education to girls in the Narok area. She lives with her husband, Bishop Moses Sayo, and their three children in Narok where she continues as a public high school principal while also Director of Nasaruni Academy.



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