Good News from Nasaruni


Good News from Nasaruni

A Year of Prosperity

As we come to a time in the year where we stop and think about all the good things in our lives, let’s not forget about the amazing accomplishments at Nasaruni Academy. Here’s to the building of a new high school that included 4 new classrooms and a state-of-the-art dormitory, and new permanent housing for our teachers, and the arrival of our first class of high school girls, who now have an opportunity to reach their full potential through their continued education. May you all rejoice in knowing that your support truly has made in difference in the lives of our Nasaruni Girls and allowed Nasaruni to continue to prosper and do good work.


Read Across the Globe – Storymojo

This summer our girls were invited to participate in Storymojo, which provides schools across Africa with a common book to read along with activities to support literacy. Our girls loved receiving their own chapter book and reading together.







New High School

This time last year a high school was only a dream for so many young girls at Nasaruni Academy and those left at home because they couldn’t afford a high school education. Now, 39 Maasai young women call Nasaruni home, and begin their 4 year journey in our high school. Four classrooms were built and adorned in brilliant cheerful orange. Maasai love color.

Teacher Housing

For the past several years, a dream for Nasaruni was to build permanent houses for the teachers. The teachers lived in temporary corrugated steel homes with dirt floors and no running water. This summer permanent homes with small kitchens and running water were built for the teachers and their families. Finally, the teachers have the permanent homes they deserve.






Technology and Reading

Through the generous support of the Virginia State Literacy Association and their local chapters, Nasaruni purchased textbooks for our girls to use in all their subject areas. The teachers are now supplementing their textbooks with online resources to help the girls dig deeper into their content area studies.


What’s Next?

Join us to build the next wing: the Administration Office, teacher’s office, and clinic. $40,000 is needed to complete the administration wing of the high school which will serve the entire campus. A clinic is desperately needed to provide for the health needs of our girls on site.


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One woman’s vision and passion has led to this remarkable undertaking. She is Alice Sayo and she is truly a hero to her people in all respects. Born into a large Maasai family, Alice was the 11th of 12 children. After her father died, she appeared destined for an early marriage, but the efforts of her mother and an older brother enabled her to go to school and follow a different path. She graduated from high school in Kenya and from University in England. Her dream, ever since the miraculous change in her own life, has been to allow other Maasai girls the same opportunity. She has worked tirelessly to gain support for the cause of the girlchild in Narok, Kenya, as a school principal, community outreach educator, and as sponsor for several poor Maasai girls attending secondary school.

In 2011, Alice was chosen as a participant in the International Leaders in Education program, a teacher exchange program sponsored by IREX and the US State Dept. While attending the College of Education at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, VA, Alice shared her dream with faculty, students, and community members. Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls is the result of her vision to provide primary education to girls in the Narok area. She lives with her husband, Bishop Moses Sayo, and their three children in Narok where she continues as a public high school principal while also Director of Nasaruni Academy.



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