Bishop Moses Sayo at the International Summit Series

Bishop Moses Sayo, Alice’s husband, is coming to the States to help spread the vision for Nasaruni Academy. As a bishop over 106 churches in Kenya, Moses Sayo is a well-respected leader in the Maasai community, as well as an integral part of the school as Kenyan Board member. He will be here with us for about five weeks, beginning Saturday, March 21st. During part of the time, he will be attending the Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self: International Summit Series of 2015 at James Madison University. This will give us an opportunity to collaborate with other global-minded academics, business leaders, and community leaders from around the world.

During his visit, Bishop Sayo will share his insight and his stories, as well as the vision of the Academy, at several local Harrisonburg events including home visits, coffee evenings, and a formal Fundraising Lasagna Dinner. Other meetings include appointments with various faculty and deans at James Madison University, Eastern Mennonite University, and possibly community organizations such as Rotary International and the Horizons Learning Foundation, the umbrella charitable organization hosting the USA Board of the Nasaruni Academy.

His primary mission is to raise awareness for girls education globally, and funds for the building of a dormitory for the Nasaruni Academy. For more information about where and when you can meet Bishop Moses Sayo, please contact Michelle Cude at cudemd@jmu.edu. To schedule a speaking engagement, contact Michelle as soon as possible.


Michelle Cude’s Trip

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Recently I, Michelle Cude, was able to visit our school in Narok and witness firsthand the dream come true! God is truly faithful! What an honor to see how we have grown from 13 students in January 2013 to now 40 Maasai girls in grades K – 3! The sacrifices of Alice and her husband, Bishop Moses, as well as the Kenyan Board members, have ensured that these girls are educated, well fed and cared for. Generous donations from the states have helped to build 2 of the 3 classrooms, provide a water tank and other facilities.

On the property there is also a temporary kitchen, housing for the guard and principal, and place for a future garden and a cow providing milk for tea. Four very dedicated, trained teachers (& one administrator) are essentially volunteering full-time to teach the girls. One of the Board’s priorities as soon as more funds come in is to begin paying the teachers so that we can retain and honor their commitments.


JMU Gets Involved

James Madison University students believe in the “Be the Change” motto of their university. They eagerly opted to support Alice’s dream with their Future Social Studies Educators (FSSE) group. Now the student organization not only sponsors fundraisers and an informational booth at the Harrisonburg International Fair, but also strives to educate the university and the community on the need to get involved. Raising awareness through film screenings and other events, FSSE pledges to help build the Nasaruni Boarding facility.

Dr. Michelle Cude’s social studies methods students raised the initial funds in Spring 2011 to help purchase the 5 acres of land. This class had the good fortune of knowing Alice personally as she was a member of our methods class during her semester here at JMU. Other members of the community, including the Bowl of Good restaurant here in Harrisonburg, have taken up the call to build this school to support these girls in Kenya.

Future Social Studies Educators continue to sell t-shirts to raise money. Through a matching grant, they were able to buy the needed desks for the students who now all have their own seats in the school rooms. Future fundraising events are planned to buy the next year’s textbooks, add another classroom, and build the dormitory facility.

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