Good News From Nasaruni!

Our 2021 Virtual Celebration and Fundraiser was a huge success.  The fundraiser raised $4585 towards building teacher housing at Nasaruni.  We are grateful for your generous support. 

 A special thank you to all the local businesses and national companies  who donated items to support our auction.  


WHAT’S HAPPENING at Nasaruni? 
We’re building a High School, by popular demand… many girls are in desperate need of a place to attend secondary school, now that the government has  required attendance within your local district only. Our girls (some of whom have been here since we started the primary school in 2013!) are getting older and some are graduating….and there is no place for them to go to high school.

We had made plans for a $150,000 fully equipped high school. This is still very reasonable with the cost of lumber and stonemasonry. This would include four classrooms, a science lab, a library and computer lab, administration office, teachers’ housing, and a dormitory with shower room.WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE?
There is no good alternative. Having to drop out of school after primary graduation leads girls to hopelessness and early marriages and early pregnancies. Help us to reverse the nationwide trend and restore hope and opportunity to these older teenage girls. Their dreams and future depend upon the ability to finish secondary school before moving on to the university or colleges.

Obviously the girls will benefit from having a secondary education, something the United Nations is now considering essential for the global Sustainability Goals. A high school education will make them ineligible for the cultural rites of early marriage, and they will earn the right to choose their own futures.  Additionally, the day laborers who are working to build the high school are the ones who carry the water in wheelbarrows to mix cement, pound pavers, crush rocks, paint, etc. They are earning a respectable wage and ability to put food on their family’s table each night. Thirty or so of them are receiving a hand-up, rather than a hand-out. Even these community members are benefitting from your gift of support.

First, let me thank you for hearing our story and responding to help.

There are two options to give:
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– through postal mail by sending a check to:

Horizons Learning Foundation
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Video Message of Thanks from a Nasaruni Student



One woman’s vision and passion has led to this remarkable undertaking. She is Alice Sayo and she is truly a hero to her people in all respects. Born into a large Maasai family, Alice was the 11th of 12 children. After her father died, she appeared destined for an early marriage, but the efforts of her mother and an older brother enabled her to go to school and follow a different path. She graduated from high school in Kenya and from University in England. Her dream, ever since the miraculous change in her own life, has been to allow other Maasai girls the same opportunity. She has worked tirelessly to gain support for the cause of the girlchild in Narok, Kenya, as a school principal, community outreach educator, and as sponsor for several poor Maasai girls attending secondary school.

In 2011, Alice was chosen as a participant in the International Leaders in Education program, a teacher exchange program sponsored by IREX and the US State Dept. While attending the College of Education at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, VA, Alice shared her dream with faculty, students, and community members. Nasaruni Academy for Maasai Girls is the result of her vision to provide primary education to girls in the Narok area. She lives with her husband, Bishop Moses Sayo, and their three children in Narok where she continues as a public high school principal while also Director of Nasaruni Academy.



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